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All Hallows' Eve Podcast

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Latest Episode

Welcome back spooklings! This week Jayson and Kathi tackle the Benoit Family Tragedy. They explore the WWE wrestler Chris Benoit's career from Stampede Wrestling to the WWE up to his final days and what would have caused him to do what he did. Jayson and Kathi also talk about the subject of men's mental health, which causes both of them to open up with an honest dialogue you don't typically hear on All Hallows' Eve Podcast. --- Stay Spooky My Friends!

About All Hallows' Eve Podcast

A podcast for the fan of horror, true crime and hauntings. We want to share our love of the macabre with you and possibly some laughs too! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. New episodes released every Monday!

Abandoned Home

The Hallows' Family


Jayson Harding

Producer and Host


Beau Harding

Sometimes Cohost


Kathi Harding

Producer and Host


Reagan Harding

Sometimes Cohost

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