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All Hallows' Eve Podcast

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Latest Episode

Haunted Bars- The Red Onion Saloon

Welcome back spooklings! This week we are traveling north, really far north to Skagway, Alaska. We are talking about The Red Onion Saloon and Bordello. Built in 1897 during the Klondike gold rush, this saloon housed a dancehall, saloon and a bordello. It also is home to Lydia, Diamond Lil and John who never passed to the afterlife. The building went through many transformations through the years, but it was restored to its original glory and now is a working restaurant and museum. Join us as we cover the history and hauntings of this amazing saloon! As always, stay spooky my friends!

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About All Hallows' Eve Podcast

A podcast for the fan of horror, true crime and hauntings. We want to share our love of the macabre with you and possibly some laughs too! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. New episodes released every Monday!

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